The Tensing-Hillary Everest Marathon is by far the biggest challenge I have ever set myself. It got me thinking that if I can do that, then I can set myself other, smaller challenges to help me raise money for my chosen mental health charity. A positive side effect of this would be that some of the events would help me build up my physical and mental strength ready for the biggest event of all!

Below are the events I have already decided to do:

Shaun in the City Bristol trail – All 70 Shaun sculptures to be captured on the day they are released!

6th July 2015 – Completed!!!!!!!!

Adrenalin Rush / Bristol 10k Obstacle Race

16th August 2015 – Completed!!!!!!!!

Bristol to Bath Marathon

25th October 2015

Treadmill Marathon at David Lloyd, Long Ashton

3rd May 2016

Main / Bon Voyage Gig and Fundraising evening

6th May 2016

This evening will be the final event before the “biggy” on 29th May 2016.  It will be a fun-filled evening with games, a raffle with excellent prizes, good food, a renowned hypnotist and last but not least fabulous music with the brilliant Limited Edition!  What more could you want!
Family and friends will be there to wish me good luck so why not come along and enjoy the fun.  Let’s all make it a night to remember!

(Cost of tickets TBC)

The Tenjing Hillary Mount Everest Marathon 

29th May 2016 – THE MAIN EVENT

2 thoughts on “EVENTS

  1. Lucy says:

    Hi Rob thank you so much for sharing your story, I’m currently off work with severe anxiety and have been to a terrible place but I am nearly there. I hit rock bottom in January since then I’ve been on medication and having counselling weekly, which like yourself has helped hugely. I too now have coping strategies to deal with any anxieties and manage them daily. I am a 40 yr old serving operational firefighter and have been on the frontline for nearly 20 yrs, I was lucky enough to receive help from the service through Red Poppy, with counselling which included CBT and it was all paid for.
    My illness had been creeping up on me for a while and the final straw was severe pain that id been suffering for 18 months, lower abdominal and left back flank pain following a fall at work. I eventually had an operation and it was found that I had 3 hernias which had to be repaired, my back was soft tissue damage. I struggled to recover and my mental illness just made the recovery so much longer. I was diagnosed in January after completely losing it and had to move in with my parents whilst my husband stayed in the family home with my 5 year old daughter and 9 year son. Life was really difficult for all my close family BUT we have come through it and are now much closer and stronger. Only a few of my close friends know but im still hiding it from everyone else, even my shift at work. I wish I could be like you and open up, maybe in time I will. I was told always remember you’ll come out of this illness a better person. Good Luck with everything, I will be donating to your charity. L xxxxx

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