Time Flies!

A lot has happened since my last blog post and I can’t believe how much time has passed!

Firstly, as some of my Facebook friends may have noticed, I have accumulated a new piece of artwork – in the form of a tattoo!  For a long time now I have wanted to have a full length sleeve depicting the light and dark side of mental illness and my own personal journey/battles – it has just been a case of finding the right tattoo artist to do the job!  Finally I came across David Jorquera from Chile who was doing a guest spot at a tattoo studio in Cheltenham and I knew that he was the right person to start the ‘dark side’ of my sleeve. He did the whole thing free hand and I absolutely love the result!  I can understand that it is the sort of tattoo that you would either love or hate but I don’t think anyone could not appreciate the skill and detail that has gone into it!

Secondly, I have set myself a new challenge that will take place next August!  I have registered for the Ultra Great Britain – a unique 200 mile Ultra Marathon following the Trans-Pennine Trail from Liverpool to Hornsea!  It may seem a bit of an outrageous thing to do, but it will set me in good stead for my 470 mile ‘Three Peaks’ challenge in 2018.  I must say that it feels great to have another extreme challenge to focus on!

Since my Everest Marathon I have kept in touch with OTR and I am currently working alongside them to produce a new campaign which should be up and running very soon!  They have designers on the case to produce a caricature of myself that will promote my fundraising exploits!

Unfortunately, after having my tattoo done I had to avoid excessive sweating or areas which may introduce infection so I had to give up the gym for a few weeks!  I have inevitably put on a couple of kilograms as a result of this however, I am now back to it and I feel as motivated as ever!  I had really missed regular exercise and the energised/positive feelings that it brings!

Other than that I have been filling my days with odd jobs – it makes me wonder how I had time for work!  Me and my Dad are currently painting the back of the house and cleaning and replacing the guttering to make it more water tight.  We are doing everything we can to stop the dry rot returning once it’s sorted this time!  The countdown to Christmas has now started and nothing is going to stand in the way of us getting the house finished in time this year!

That’s all from me for now.  I promise not to leave it so long before my next blog post.  Good bye!

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