Return Of The Rot!

Just when I thought I had been dealt enough bad luck to last a life time the dreaded dry rot has yet again reared its ugly head!  As you know from some of my previous posts, back in October last year a nasty strain of dry rot attacked the doorway between the utility room and the kitchen and spread into the bathroom causing a vast amount of damage.  We thought we had seen the last of it but little did we know that it was festering again under the floorboards in the kitchen.  The first we knew of it was when a tiny amount of orange mould appeared on the skirting board in the utility room.  We got a specialist to come out and have a look and lifted up the floor boards to find that it had yet again taken over a corner of the void beneath the kitchen floor.

Thankfully the work that was done previously is under guarantee so it will be sorted out free of charge, however it still means that part of our newly decorated wall and floor will have to be destroyed as well as the tiles in our utility room which were left in place last time!  I just can’t believe that with everything we have going on at the moment, we now have this extra problem to sort out!  When will life finally give us a break?!

All this said, things have been going quite well.  I have a few things in the pipeline on the job front and I discussed my dismissal with a solicitor last week.  I have been continuing to run and go to the gym regularly and I played in a 24 hour charity football match for OTR last week.  I only played for an hour but that was enough as I haven’t played football for years!  Despite this I soon found my feet and scored 13 goals!  It was great to be involved in raising money for OTR again and they are very excited about my plans for future adventures and fundraising exploits!

Tomorrow we are going away to Menorca with our friends Tony and Sian.  It will be nice to get away from all the stresses we have going on at the moment, have some fun and relax in the sunshine!

It is easy for me to feel hard done by at the moment with everything thats gone wrong, but I have been following the video blog of an ex-colleague of mine in the Ambulance Service and it really puts my worries into perspective.  She is currently battling cancer and going through some aggressive treatment, but her strength and humour despite this is inspiring.  She is an incredibly courageous woman and I desperately hope that the treatment is successful – my thoughts are with you Kath.  Stay strong and keep fighting!

Anyway, sorry for all the doom and gloom. Hopefully my next post will bring some well overdue good news and positivity!

Goodbye for now!

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