Don’t Stop Me Now!

This morning I made my second appearance on BBC Radio Bristol with John Darvall!  It was great to be invited back onto the show to talk about my marathon challenge having now completed it.  I also took the opportunity to announce the next challenge that I have set myself.  For those of you who weren’t able to tune in I have decided that in spring/summer 2018 I will be doing the National Three Peaks challenge!  ‘That doesn’t sound like much of a challenge following the Everest Marathon’ I hear you say!  Well, it isn’t going to be the ordinary Three Peaks Challenge as I plan to run the whole of the 470 miles between each of the peaks as well!  Jamie Ramsey currently holds the record of 13 days, 23 hours and 40 minutes to complete this and I plan on challenging his record!

For those of you closest to me, you will know that my Everest marathon challenge played an instrumental role in my recovery and it is important for me to have something to focus on and keep me motivated.  I have got the bug for extreme challenges and now that I’ve started I don’t want to stop!

I met some incredibly inspirational people while I was away, each with an amazing story to tell, and this along with my own achievements has taught me that with enough hard work and determination anything is possible.

I have chosen to wait until 2018 to do this challenge as I am aware that it will require a lot of planning and organisation.  I also want to incorporate visits to schools to talk about mental health and my story in-between clocking up the miles in a bid to raise awareness of mental health and help to break down the stigma.

Part of the reason that I have chosen to do my next challenge in the UK is so that my friends and family can be involved in some way, whether that be to cover some miles with me or just to be there at the end!  I would also love for some of the amazing people (Team ‘B’ for ‘best’!) that I met in Nepal to join me where possible in my challenge – I will be getting in touch soon guys and girls!

My current fundraising campaign will be ending on the 1st of July and I can’t wait to present OTR with the money raised!  I was lucky enough to join the OTR Mentality volunteers for a BBQ a couple of weeks ago and meet some of the people that my fundraising will have an impact on.  I am so happy that the money raised will be going to such a worthy cause and I can say for sure that OTR will always be my chosen charity for any funds raised in my future challenges!

And on one final note, as we near the end of my fundraising campaign, please, if I have inspired you in any way or if mental health is a cause close to your heart, don’t forget to donate before it’s too late! This is my final time of asking before my next challenge (I know you must be sick of me nagging by now) so I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone again for their generosity, together we have raised a phenomenal amount of money that really will make such a difference!


If anyone missed it and would like to listen please click on the link below:

My radio interview (hit play and fast forward to 2hr 13m).

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