Home Sweet Home!

I walked through the arrivals gate at Heathrow airport to see Helen running towards me holding a sign saying ‘Welcome home Robert Lippiatt after completing the Mount Everest marathon’! She flung her arms around me – I had missed her so much and it felt so good to be back!

My parents had come to pick me up and we were all in tears as we hugged and the emotions of the last few weeks hit us

We made the journey home as I talked none stop about my adventures and all the incredible things I had seen and done. It was unbelievable to think that less than a week ago I was at Everest Base Camp waiting to run the Mount Everest Marathon!

I arrived home to find that Helen had cleaned the house from top to bottom – it was sparkling!  I also had my dream cake waiting for me (cherry and almond) and a beautiful gift from Helen – a silver compass with the inscription:

‘Keep climbing that mountain, the summit is in sight.

Everest marathon 29th May 2016

All my love forever and always.  Helen’

She had given this to me not only as a gift for completing the Everest marathon but also to symbolise that my life has taken a new direction.  What a special gift!

I gave Helen the gifts I had for her from Nepal, which she absolutely loved and I showed her some books and postcards that I had gathered on my travels!  By this time I was exhausted and in need of my bed so we had a cup of tea and a piece of cake and I hit the sack – I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!

The next day I was awake bright and early!  I was interested to see whether I had lost weight so I jumped onto the scales and was amazed to see that I had lost over 5kg since being away!

To ensure that I could have a few treats without putting the weight back on I headed to the gym that afternoon for a run!  I felt good apart from my ankle playing up a bit after an injury I picked up during the marathon – but there’s no stopping me now!  I plan on keeping up my fitness and losing even more weight!

The following day was spent catching up with family and friends.  It was a beautiful sunny day so we met Helens parents for an ice cream and a coffee before walking along the harbour side to meet my brother, his wife and my niece and nephew for a few drinks.  It was great to see everyone and tell them my stories.  It made me realise what a truly incredible experience the last few weeks had been.  I had seen and done so many interesting and exciting things!  We were later joined by our friends Ellie, Chris, Sian, Tony, Jen and Chris.G.  I had great fun telling them all the gory details of my trip, particularly the dire toilet situation as most of us were healthcare professionals and more than happy to discuss those kind of things!  As with all good nights out it ended with a delicious curry which was greatly appreciated after the food in Nepal that mostly consisted of potatoes, pasta and rice!

I felt a little worse for wear this morning, but it had been a great night and it felt so good to be surrounded by my friends and family again!  My time away has made me realise even more how important they are to me.  I’m so happy to be home!

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