A Million Thank Yous!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay in writing this post but I have only just recovered from Friday night – and what a night it was!  I am blown away by the amount of people who came to show their support (87 in total), it truly meant the world to me!

I must start by saying a massive thank you to everyone for putting their hands in their pockets and donating to Off The Record!  I need to do the maths properly, but on a quick add up I am incredibly proud to announce that Friday nights grand total came to around £2000 (including ticket sales)!  I also had a massive donation of £500 from my brothers company Resource Solutions Group (RSG) which brings the total donations so far to over £5000!  This is a phenomenal amount of money that could be life changing for a young person suffering from mental health problems!  This wouldn’t have been possible without all of your generosity, so again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I am so happy that after so much planning and organisation Friday night went to plan! Unfortunately there was just one small hiccup as The Greenbanks neighbours complained that we were too noisy and the band couldn’t play their second set!  Never mind, it’s just another thing to add to the saga that has been my life over the last few years and I’m hoping that no one really noticed!  Limited Edition were absolutely fantastic and I just feel bad for them that they didn’t get to finish their gig!

I must also apologise for my very unprepared speech!  Unfortunately, everything else took priority and I am very aware that I rambled on a bit, however I think my lack of preparation made it all the more heartfelt and genuine.  I’m not sure if I remembered to thank some key people who gave their valuable time to help with my fundraising night without anything in return so again thank you in particular to:

Sarah Lea for the fantastic mountain cake – not only did it look great, it was delicious!

Matt Watkins for being the photographer for the night!

Aimee Hearn and her Step Dad Reg for sorting out the incredible auction prize of a holiday to Jersey and of course my friend Steve Studley for bidding a massive £250 for the prize!

Chris Nelson (area manager of the Zazu’s Kitchen group and all round top guy!) for being the Compere for the night – I can’t think of anyone who could have done a better job – you were a natural!

Adam Greenwood (manager at The Greenbank) for allowing us to use the venue free of charge and for providing the food!

Sir Tony Howard (a living legend!) for being the top ticket seller as well as being the person behind organising the £500 donation from IES/Brand 51!  I am also so grateful to Niels (the company director) for not only agreeing to the donation but for giving me a Fitbit!

My little niece Elsie for selling so many raffle tickets with her cuteness!

And finally, all my fantastic friends and family for all their help and support in the build up to my fundraising night!

I feel so lucky to know such amazing people!

It was great that some of the OTR gang could come along – it was lovely to finally meet you all!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was brilliant to see everyone enjoying themselves too – particularly my Dad who took the rare opportunity of having a good few drinks and letting his hair down!  At 69 years old he was one of the last ones standing and all my friends were calling him ‘a legend’ by the end of the night!

The night ended with a kebab (as all good nights do) and a G&T at Sian and Tonys! However, I was so relieved that the night was such a success (not to mention having had a fair bit to drink) that I promptly fell asleep on their sofa!

Today, I am having a relaxing (carb filled) day with Helen before hitting the gym and diet hard again tomorrow!  Now that my fundraising night is out of the way I can’t wait for my Nepal adventure to begin!

I promise that I will do another blog post before I set off on the 14th of May, but for now I’ll say farewell and once again:

Thank you all! Xxxxxxxx

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