Treadmill Marathon Looms!

I’m just about to set off to the gym now to do another long run in preparation for my treadmill marathon at David Lloyd on Tuesday!  They have very kindly offered to provide me with refreshments to keep me going and I am putting up posters and bringing collection buckets with me to hopefully bring in some more donations for OTR!

My main sponsors IES/Brand 51 will be coming to David Lloyd to do a short video of me running my marathon!  They are also in the process of designing a banner that I can take with me when I go to Nepal to hold up when I cross the finish line at the end of the Everest Marathon!

Tomorrow I am meeting with someone from Bristol 24/7 (an independent online newspaper) to discuss doing a video about ‘my story’ and the Everest Marathon!  The Media and Communications Officer at OTR is also trying to arrange some TV coverage for me before I head off to Nepal!  It’s all very exciting!

I have a busy week ahead of me, training, carrying out the final preparations for my fundraising night and ensuring that I’ve got everything I need for my Everest trip!

Roll on Friday – Fun, food, fundraising and fantastic entertainment!  I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

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