Yesterday, just before I headed to BBC Radio Bristol for my interview, I had an unexpected phone call!  It was my good friend Tony, who works for a company called IES (a leading, worldwide provider of specialist engineering and logistics services) and he had the companies Marketing Manager on the phone!  I couldn’t believe it when she told me that they would like to sponsor me £500 for my Everest Marathon in aid of Off The Record! For once, I was speechless!

This extremely generous donation will now bring the current total raised for Off The Record to over £2000, not to mention what will be raised from my upcoming fundraising event!

I must say a massive thank you to Tony for arranging this for me!  This amount of money will go such a long way to enabling OTR to provide the help and support needed to young people suffering from mental health problems in Bristol.

I hope some of you managed to catch me on the radio yesterday!  Although I was nervous about sharing such personal things to a live audience, it felt liberating and I actually quite enjoyed it, in fact I wanted to say more and keep on talking!

If anyone missed it and would like to listen please click on the link below:

My radio interview (hit play and fast forward to 2hr 11m).


  1. Sandra and Colin Lippiatt says:

    You were amazing on Radio Bristol yesterday and were brutally honest about how your OCD took over your life! We really hope your honesty inspires others to seek help so that they can once again lead a happy and fulfilling life just as you have done! Also, heartfelt thanks to Tony for being instrumental in the massive donation from IES!

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