An Enchanted Week In Paradise!

I can’t believe that it is already the last full day of our Seychelles holiday!  As I write this I am sat in our beautiful Creole style villa overlooking our private deck area and pool and the white sands and turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean beyond – if paradise could be summed up by one image, this is it!

Pure relaxation was what we needed after the stress of the last few months and we couldn’t have chosen a more perfect destination. Enchanted Island Resort sits on a tiny island in the middle of the spectacular Sainte Anne Marine Park.

There are only 10 villas on the island making it feel like you have it all to yourself!  There is a walkway leading from our villa to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen and we have not met a single soul there during our whole stay!  The beach is surrounded by lush vegetation and granite rock formations and during low tide the white sand forms a path all the way to the opposite island! Truly breathtaking!  We have spent our days lounging on the beach or by our pool, with just the sound of the ocean and birdsong around us – utter peace and tranquility.

On the 21st January it was Helens birthday so we decided to venture over to the neighbouring Moyenne Island by kayak. After falling out twice we finally made it!  The island was delightful as it is inhabited by giant tortoises!  You are able to interact with them and they loved to be tickled under the chin!  We fell in love with the biggest one there who was 55 years old and incredibly friendly!

I wanted to do something special for Helens birthday, so that evening I had arranged for a private candlelit BBQ on the beach!  The hotel staff were fantastic and made it really special.  We had a feast of lobster, steak, tuna and shrimp and they had even made a beautiful chocolate birthday cake for dessert!  Certainly a birthday Helen will never forget!

We love our resort so much that we haven’t wanted to leave it, so our only other venture was to visit the main island of Mahe.  Here we were given an insight into the local way of life and we visited the markets of the smallest capital in the world – Victoria.  We ended our trip on Eden Island which harbours some very luxurious yachts! A lovely end to the trip!

Yesterday we had the great pleasure of meeting the owner of Enchanted Island (Sunil) and his family.  We spent the afternoon chatting to them and sharing stories over a few G&T’s along with a lovely couple from Dubai.  Despite his obvious success in life he was extremely humble and an incredibly interesting man. I even felt comfortable enough to share ‘my story’ with the group.  Their response was very heartfelt and I was given some good advice from Sunil for which I am very grateful.

Today we went snorkelling from our island and saw some beautiful tropical fish.  We have heard that there are small sharks living in the ocean but we are yet to see them, however we were lucky enough to see a small stingray!

As it is our last night the chef is cooking us a meal of our choice so we have asked for some traditional Creole food!  We are going to miss our three course breakfast, lunch and dinner but it will soon be a distant memory as I return home to begin a gruelling diet and fitness regime in preparation for the Everest Marathon!

As the end of our holiday nears we have some wonderful memories to look back on!  We have had a fabulous time and we will be very sad to leave this magical Island, however I feel refreshed both mentally and physically and ready to face the next part of my journey!

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