A Fall At The Final Hurdle!

Well, here I am at last writing a blog post before going off to the Seychelles for a much needed break.  This is a holiday that we planned over 6 months ago primarily for Helens 30th birthday but also to celebrate everything we have overcome in the last few years!

As I have mentioned before, the last few months have been exceptionally difficult but at the start of the new year I was feeling optimistic for the first time in as long as I can remember!

We were facing the final hurdle in getting our house back to some sort of normality as the person who has done all of my decorating for the last couple of years was coming in to make good everything that had been damaged by the dry rot.

I wanted to go away on holiday knowing that the house was pretty much completed so that when we got home I could return to work with a clear head.  However, as seems to be my luck recently, things did not go to plan!  Last Thursday, my decorator and I had a difference of opinion as to how things should be done.  Unfortunately this could not be resolved amicably and regretfully I had to tell him that I no longer wanted him to do the work for me.  This was not an easy decision as we had become good friends but I felt I had no choice.  So you see, you never know when things are going to come to an unexpected end!

Fortunately for me, my dad has said he will help me when we get back from holiday so, all being well, I am just experiencing a hiccup!  It is now my intention to go away with Helen and forget all our worries!  We both desperately need a bit of R and R to enable us to recharge our batteries so that we will come back fully refreshed and ready to get on with life again.

I will be back in touch when I get home from the Seychelles.  In the meantime, enjoy the cold January weather!

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