As you will have probably guessed, this is a retrospective post.  It was my intention to upload it prior to running the marathon but I got carried away with the atmosphere and before I knew it I was crossing the start line with 26.2 miles of pain ahead of me!

One of the best things about today is the fact that I had an extra hour in bed although to be honest it didn’t really do me much good as I was too nervous to sleep!  Today is the day I am running the inaugural Bristol to Bath marathon, the first full marathon I have done since running the London marathon in 2005!  Back then I was obviously 10 years younger and a lot lot fitter but I still found it tough going.  Doesn’t bode well for today then, does it!  Seriously though, today is going to be a huge challenge for me both physically and mentally as I know I am not fit enough and a bit fragile mentally due to the upset of the horrible problems with my house.  However, I am determined to complete the course even if it takes all day and I have to crawl over the finish line!

I have put Vaseline in all the appropriate, and inappropriate, places, pinned on my number, and am now off to line up with all the other runners in Queen Square.  At least it is a dry and sunny morning and the weather forecast is good, so wish me luck as I will definitely need it!  The next time you will hear from me I will be at home having pushed both my body and mind to the limit!

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