Running Scared!

Here I am with just a day to go before I run, walk and possibly crawl the first ever Bristol to Bath marathon.  At 9.00am tomorrow I will be lining up with over 6,000 others to run 42.195km or 26 miles and 325 yards as part of my training leading up to the Mount Everest marathon next May!  I must admit that I am very apprehensive about this as my training has slipped over the last few weeks. Those of you who have read my latest post on my blog will know that there is a serious dry rot problem in my house, and the stress of all this has set me back a bit!  However, it is said that exercise is very good for stress so I am hoping it will be very therapeutic for me.  That’s what I’m telling myself anyway!

I’ve noticed that over the last few weeks, donations to my Just Giving page have dried up probably because I haven’t been doing anything to challenge myself that would get people to give money.  Hopefully that is all about to change with me running this marathon, so I am throwing down the gauntlet to you and pledge that for every pound that is donated before midnight on Monday, 26 October I will match it!

Let’s do it!!!! Together!!!!

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