A Trip To See Everest!

On Friday of last week a new blockbuster movie was released called ‘Everest’.  For obvious reasons it is a film that I have been eagerly awaiting and it will probably come as no surprise to you that I wasted very little time in getting to the cinema to see it!  Along with Helen and the Tenerife gang (Tony and Sian) I headed to the Showcase Cinema Delux on Sunday and with pick and mix in hand we settled down to watch the film.  It did not disappoint and despite it being a disaster movie it has only heightened my enthusiasm for my trip to Nepal and the Mount Everest marathon next May! The city of Kathmandu looked so vibrant and interesting and the scenery on the journey to base camp was breathtaking!  I can’t believe that in as little as 8 months time I will be on that same journey myself!  I have many mixed emotions about the challenges that I will face while in Nepal, but the over riding feeling that I have is one of huge excitement!  Obviously I still have a lot of training ahead of me to prepare my body for the enormous strain that it will inevitably go through but from a fitness point of view I am happy with where I am at the moment.

On the 4th October I am facing my next challenge by running the Cardiff half marathon!  I am hoping that I will find this fairly comfortable as in exactly three weeks after that I will be running in the first ever Bristol to Bath Marathon!  I am expecting to find this extremely difficult but it should go some way to preparing me for what lies ahead!

Over the last few days me and Helen have been in Aberystwyth for a family event but I will tell you all about that in my next post!

More from me soon!

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