Homeward Bound!

I am writing this post only a matter of minutes after taking off from Tenerife airport.  If I look out of my window I can just catch the last glimpses of the island.  We have had an absolute blast and the week has flown by!  Since our adventure at the water park we have been on a catamaran to see whales and dolphins, I have ridden a jet ski and I have watched a live drag act called Roxy Risqué! The latter happened in a small local karaoke bar that we just stumbled across one evening but it turned out to be a brilliant find and we returned there several times!  Tony being the natural born entertainer that he is couldn’t help but join in with the karaoke and once he had got into the swing of it there was no stopping him!  For three nights in a row he rocked Bojangles bar the highlight being a brilliant rendition of Sir Tom Jones Delilah!

We now head home with mixed feelings.  On one hand we are very sad to have come to the end of a fantastic holiday but on the other hand we can’t wait to see our Chihuahua Mabel who will be eagerly awaiting our arrival!

It has been an indulgent week but with all of the walking and swimming that we have done I don’t think that I have put on more than a couple of pounds in weight!  I now have two shifts at work but then I will be straight back on the treadmill!

In a nutshell it has been a brilliant holiday and I have loved every minute of it!  I am sure we will be returning one day! Thanks Tony and Sian – it has been the ‘holiday of dreams’ 100%!!!!!!!!

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