A Stone Lighter (almost)!

At long last it would appear that all my hard work is finally paying off!  I stood on the scales before work this morning to find that I am within spitting distance of being officially a stone lighter! Typically of me I had hoped that by now I would have lost the best part of a stone and a half in weight however, as Helen rightly pointed out I have only been training seriously since the 10th August, so actually my weight loss is pretty impressive even if I do say so myself!

This has not come easily!  I have been putting in the miles on the treadmill between shifts as well as on my days off and I have sacrificed all of my favourite food for much healthier alternatives!  I haven’t felt full for days!  There is one food I have found particularly difficult to give up.  My friends and family know me as the ‘curry king’ and I struggle to go a couple of days without a visit to the local Indian let alone a couple of weeks!

Our holiday is now only a few days away and I really can’t wait!  Not only am I looking forward to some much needed rest and relaxation but I will also be able to loosen the shackles a bit when it comes to eating and drinking!  By no means do I want to undo all my hard work but I will be more than happy to return home the same weight as when I leave on Tuesday morning!

Only 3 more sleeps to go!!

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