It has been just over a week now since the Bristol Post published the article about me. I think it’s only just sinking in that I have told the world and his wife about my struggle with mental health problems!  This is the same me, or is it, who fought a daily struggle to keep my demons hidden from everyone.  I could not in my wildest dreams have imagined that I would be able to share this with anyone other than my nearest and dearest! So, if there is someone out there suffering mental turmoil, just hang on in there and ride out the storm; if I can do it, then so can you!

On the 8th September Helen and I are off on holiday to Teneriffe for a week with our good friends Tony and Sian.  We have only known them as a couple for about a year, but Helen and Sian have known each other for longer through their jobs as nurses at the BRI.  As soon as the girls introduced me and Tony to each other we hit it off immediately!  We have the same wacky sense of humour and similar tastes in music and films!  I think it is fair to say that when we get together our mischievous ways tend to come out and Helen and Sian don’t know whether to laugh or cry!  We are really looking forward to getting away for a whole week doing as little as possible, although I will be trying to exercise every day.  Me and Helen have always loved travelling however, over the past few years this has taken a back seat partly due to the fact that I was unwell but also because we were focusing on renovating our house.  In fact our last memorable holiday abroad was the turning point to me realising that I needed help. During our week in St Lucia I had an insight into what it was like to feel free from some of the anxieties and obsessive compulsive tendencies surrounding my home life.  I knew that I couldn’t go back to how I was living and that was when I started to disclose my illness to my parents.  You already know the rest of that story and now as I start a new chapter in my life I can’t wait to go on holiday knowing that not only will I be able to enjoy my time away to its fullest but I will also be able to relax, happy in the knowledge that I no longer have to worry about my life back home! How things have changed and, at times, I still can’t believe how different my life is now!  I am now living, not just existing and I am loving every minute of it!

Tenerife here we come!!

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