Monkeying Around!

On Thursday morning I met some of my colleagues and went along to a fitness centre called BProFit in South Bristol.  Here you can find more specialised equipment for those individuals who pursue obstacle based challenges e.g Iron Man, Tough Mudder style events or for those who want to try something different from the equipment found in your typical gym.  Why? Because a few months ago in a moment of madness I entered an event called Adrenalin Rush, a 10k obstacle course that is taking place here in Bristol at Blaise Castle on Saturday, 15 August.  There I will be expected to tackle an array of challenging obstacles which will include mud, ice cold water and fire etc

It was a tough but throughly enjoyable hour! Amongst other things, our trainer showed us how to scale a six foot wall, how to move along the monkey rings and walk along a cargo net.  I managed to get over the wall on my second attempt although it was probably not a pretty sight!  As for as the monkey rings were concerned I found them virtually impossible although I did complete them once!  This served to reinforce the fact that I am carrying too much excess baggage at the moment!


Lets hope for my sake there are not too many monkey ring style obstacles on Saturday!  Why don’t you come along too armed with some bananas to see me monkey around or, more likely, make a monkey of myself!  On a serious note, this is another of my fundraising events for OTR so please donate to this worthy cause.  See you there.

2 thoughts on “Monkeying Around!

  1. Marian says:

    Sounds like fun and good preparation for Everest although that might be a bit more challenging!
    Sorry that we can’t be there with bananas Rob! We will tell Gran all about it .
    Good luck!


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