Let Battle Commence!

Well, here I am after another long set of shifts but I now have a few days off for some badly needed rest and relaxation!  It has been a tough week or so as, not only have I been working, I have also been designing the leaflet I want to hand out to publicise what I am doing for OTR and asking people to donate via my website.  It is almost finished, so I will be able to let you see the result of my labours pretty soon!

I don’t know whether you have noticed, but I am aware there has been a distinct lack of information about my exercise and diet plan!  I started off really well and, as I mentioned, exercised with the help of a personal trainer and went to a boxing club.  I also ate healthily and, even when working, took a salad to eat on my breaks.  However, after a few weeks of working long hours, I started to flag and found my good intentions falling by the wayside!  I’m sorry to say I lost my motivation!

However, the good news is that I am back on course.  Helen and I remembered that the last time I wanted to lose weight and get fit was in the months leading up to our wedding in 2010.  At the time, I was a member at David Lloyd Leisure Club and, with a combination of exercise and healthy eating, I lost a lot of weight and was so fit I sported a six pack!  So that you know this is not a figment of my imagination, this is me on our wedding day and also a photo of me on our honeymoon in South Africa



I have nothing but good memories of that time and I only have to look at our wedding photos to know that this regime works well for me.  Helen and I went there this afternoon and, once again, we are fully fledged members so, let battle commence!

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