The Scandal Of Mental Health Budget Cuts!

I don’t know whether you are aware that there has been a lot of media coverage this past week regarding the cuts in mental health budgets for children and teenagers across England in the past five years.  A total of £85 million has been slashed off these budgets, with £35 million of this cut in the last two years alone!  One in five councils have frozen or cut their budgets for young people every year since 2010, and the vast majority of local authorities, mental health trusts and clinical commissioning groups have frozen or cut their mental health spending since 2013.  I don’t know about you, but I think this is absolutely scandalous and is putting the lives of many young people at risk!  It makes me all the more determined to raise as much money as I can for OTR , so come on people, put your hands in your pockets and dig deep.  These young people need us!  This is what our money can do: £10 buys an emergency session for a young person in crisis, £50 buys 6 sessions of counselling for a young person struggling with self harm and £100 buys 3 stress management workshops for 30 young people.  A lot of support for a relatively small amount of money!

The government is poised to announce more than £170 million of extra funding will be ploughed into mental health services for children and young people in England.  Some £143m will be allocated to mental health care in the coming months.

One thought on “The Scandal Of Mental Health Budget Cuts!

  1. Marian says:

    As you say , Rob, scandalous that the government doesn’t provide the necessary funding to support mental health services, properly. It really shouldn’t have to rely on charity donations, but it makes your efforts all the more important.


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