A Chilli Afternoon At Grillstock!

Hi everyone!  I must start by saying that I’m very sorry for not blogging for a while!  It’s been a very hectic week what with work and then a busy weekend socialising!

I eventually got into bed at 8.45am on Saturday morning after working a night shift.  Believe it or not I was up again by 11.00am to meet with our good friends, Chris and Ellie at the Grillstock Festival being held on the harbourside here in Bristol.  It was Ellie’s birthday and we thought it was a good place to while away a few hours eating, drinking and listening to some live music.

During the course of the afternoon we met up with a group of friends from work and made our way to the main stage to watch a chilli eating competition.  I was tempted to enter but eventually decided against it.  There were several different chillis, the idea being that the contestants had to eat each chilli one by one, starting with the mildest and quickly climbing the scovil scale to the hottest chillis on the planet!  If anyone had a drink, spat out the chilli or vomitted then they would be immediately eliminated from the competition.  One by one the heat became too much for the contestants and they started dropping like flies until there were only 2 contestants left!  Next was the 5th chilli known as the Ghost chilli and measuring at a mere 1 million on the Scoville scale!  This probably doesn’t mean much to non chilli lovers, but when I tell you that law enforcement pepper spray is 1.5 million you can work out how very hot the Ghost chilli is!  It wasn’t long before one of the contestants vomitted and a very red faced and sweaty winner was declared.  Anyway, once the competition was over, the chillies were offered for sale and I bought the same five used in the challenge.  I was determined to give it a go myself and thought it would be a good opportunity to raise some more money for OTR. When Ellie said that she would donate £10 for every one that I ate I knew that I couldn’t fail.  I strategically picked a spot next to a coffee van so that there would be a good supply of milk available to drink after my challenge!  One of my mates joined in for some moral support but very sensibly decided to call it a day after the first chilli!  I continued shovelling them into my mouth one at a time to cheers and laughter from the group.  My face must have been a picture!  The first four were reasonably ok but then the burn started to kick in and when I started munching on the Ghost chilli I’ve never felt pain like it!  My head felt like it was about to explode and the most intense pain went through my ears.  My eyes were watering, my mouth was on fire and I couldn’t speak for a good 10 minutes!  I was beginning to regret putting myself through it but luckily the pain was short lived and after several glasses of milk and some ice cream I was eventually able to soak up the glory!  I had done it with the added bonus of raising more money for OTR!  Chris managed to capture the whole thing on his iphone so keep a look out because I’ll be posting this on my blog very soon!  I’m sure it will give you all a laugh!

Sunday morning came around far too quickly, but we knew we would have a great day as we were going to London with Chris and Ellie to celebrate Ellie’s birthday.  Ellie knew Chris was taking her to London to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley, what she didn’t know was that Helen and I were going as well and that we were staying in London overnight.  At the appointed time, Helen and I were waiting outside the BRI with a sign saying ‘Wembley’, as if we were hitch hiking.  When their car stopped to pick us up, Ellie’s face was a picture!  She had no idea that we were going to do this, but I’m glad to say she was really delighted to see us.

I will give you an update of how we got on in a few days time, so bye for now.

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