At Long Last, R & R Time!

When I climbed into bed at 8am this morning after a long and steamy night (unfortunately not the kind of night you may be thinking!) it was a real treat to know that I wouldn’t be back in work again until next Tuesday!  This is the longest break I have had off in over 2 months and I can’t wait to chill with Helen and friends and enjoy a work free life for a few days!

As I couldn’t sleep very well because of the heat, I decided I may as well get up to go and see the chap who is going to print the logo I have designed, together with the logos of OTR and my 4 main sponsors on to a white t-shirt.  Keep an eye on my blog over the next few days to see a sneak preview of this cloth masterpiece!

I just wanted to share the breaking news that I have a new love in my life!  His name is Beecherfriedel, he’s a 7 and a half week old American bull terrier who now resides with my very good friends Edd and Cas.  Can’t wait to introduce him to our Chihuahua, Mabel!

To round off the day I am going to a work colleagues BBQ later on this evening!

More news very soon!

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