A Date With Shaun!

It’s the same old story with me!  I am in the middle of a run of another 5 shifts!  You must think that the NHS is a hard taskmaster but I have been doing some overtime in the last couple of months as there are things Helen and I want to get done in the house!

Anyway, despite my reservations and reluctance to go, the boxing training went really well and I was pleased that Tony dragged me along kicking and screaming!  Surprisingly, I wasn’t stiff or sore at all, so that was a bonus.

If you look back at my blog of 18 June, you will see that I asked you to put 6 July in your diary.  I expect some of you clever clogs out there guessed that I was talking about the day that the Shaun the Sheep Trail is unveiled for the public to visit. And you would be right!  Helen and I came up with a plan to get some publicity for my charity OTR. Our aim is to visit them all in one day as quickly as we can.  So what, I expect you are thinking, but we have something up our sleeve to make us stand out from the rest!  I don’t want to say any more at the moment as I don’t want to give anything away, but I will tell all before the actual day.  It would be great if we saw some familiar faces to cheer us on, so I will let you know the ‘running’ order.  Even if you can only manage to be at the last Shaun, that would be great and maybe we could all go for a drink afterwards to celebrate!

More from me soon!

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