That’s What Friends Are For!

I meant to post this yesterday evening but events overtook me and I didn’t manage to do it!  Better late than never!

I eventually rolled into bed at about 8.30am this morning!  No I hadn’t been out all night partying, I had just finished my last night shift and had done my good deed for the day by picking up Helen from the BRI after her night shift!

As I have a whole 32 hours before I am back in the hot seat of my RRV (Rapid Response Vehicle), admittedly on overtime, I wanted to be back up again by 2pm because there were a couple of things I wanted to do!

I was hoping to chill out tonight with a very good friend in front of his projector with a couple of beers in hand watching a good horror film!  But, oh no, Tony had other ideas!  Monday night is boxing night and there was no way in the world he was going to let me off!  I tried everything to appeal to his better nature, but he was having none of it!  We did manage to reach a compromise, the beers will follow the boxing! I guess that’s what friends are for!

I am writing this post in a local coffee bar after meeting my mum and dad for a drink, as I was working yesterday, Fathers Day, and my mums birthday!

As you can probably imagine I am absolutely knackered but there is a positive side!  Not so long ago I would have been unable to work even one overtime shift let alone two consecutive ones after only 32 hours off after a run of 5 regular shifts!  I guess you can say I’m quite proud of myself really!!  Another blog soon provided I can use my arms after tonight’s boxing!

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