A weight off my mind!

Today, Friday 5 June is a big day for me!  It is the day Helen and I are going to meet her parents and tell them what has been going on in my life for the past few years.  You are probably thinking why haven’t I told them before now and why now!  I haven’t told them before because for a long time I was in denial that I had a problem and, when I finally did accept that I needed help, I didn’t want to tell anyone that didn’t need to know.  I don’t really know why but, if any of you reading my blog has suffered or is suffering with mental health issues, you will understand where I’m coming from.  It’s probably because we feel there is still a stigma attached to such illnesses and we feel very vulnerable and very confused.  Why now?  Mainly because I feel ready to tell them how awful life has been for me and my family but that I am now back to the person I was.  I know they will be shocked, but I also know they will be very supportive.  We are going to meet at a lovely National Trust property called Dyrham Park in South Gloucestershire as this day out with them was arranged a week or so ago.  I won’t bore you with all the ins and outs of what I said to them and what they said to me, but I can say they were absolutely brilliant!  I was so relieved to have told them, and it was a weight off my mind.  I am now ready to move on to another stage in my life, as all those people I hold dear know what I have been through!  We had a lovely afternoon walking around the grounds and looking at the renovations that are taking place there.  We were able to view the roof from the scaffolding we accessed via a lift.  The best bit was that visitors were given the opportunity to pay £25 for a tile on which a message could be left, so Helen and I wrote “IT’S MENTAL” Robs Everest Marathon and in the corners we wrote “OTR” (Off The Record).  It’s brilliant to know that these will be there for posterity!  I feel that I have left a little bit of me there, and it’s a great feeling!  We finished off a brilliant day by meeting up with friends at the Harbourside for a bite to eat and more than a couple of drinks!  I am posting this on my blog on a red-letter day for me.  6 June 2013 was the day I went back to my house for the first time in many months to collect the post.  When I look back to that time when I was in the depths of despair, I can’t really believe that was me.  What a journey I have been on, but the best is yet to come!

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